Geum Services Inc.
"Helping People Help Nature"
Understanding the land and what lives upon the land is an important first step to care for our natural environment.

GSI works with individuals, communities, and corporations to build this understanding and knowledge base, with the hope that through education and stewardship, we can assist in creating a better environment for all.
GSI Services

GSI specializes in providing custom tailored services for our clients individual needs.  Services include:
* Biological consultations
* Landscape consultation, design, installation and maintenance
* Educational programs for adults, young adults and children
* Corporate volunteer wildlife program development and implementation

Landscape opportunties include:

RainGardens are a beautiful and effective way to enhance your landscape and reduce storm water runoff.  Deep-rooted native perennial plants are utilized to create these, on-site storm water retention systems.  

RainGardens protect water quality, decrease stormwater runoff by using increased stormwater infiltration, protect surface water resources by reducing overland flow to lakes and streams, and absorb nutrient contaminants.

LakeScaping protects water quality through landscaping techniques that use native species buffer strips and shoreline stabilization techniques.  Lakes, rivers, streams, and other surface waters are protected by reducing run-off, nutrient loading, and erosion through the use of native species and creative erosion control techniques.

Naturalized Landscapes provide wildlife with needed habitat, decrease maintenance and mowing, and protect ground and surface water resources through the creation of habitat areas.  Habitat areas may consist of a rain garden, pollinator-friendly butterfly garden, or a habitat planting to encourage songbirds into your environment.  

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement projects improve the necessary habitat components of food, shelter, water and nesting space for wildlife on your property.  Enhancement projects include addressing species management concerns, improving the quality of existing habitat and the addition of missing habitat components into your landscape.  Wildlife Habitat Enhancement projects improve property values, protect ground and surface water resources, and provide enjoyment and recreation opportunities.  
Geum Services Inc.